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InfoPosted by Art Performance Production Tue, May 05, 2009 12:38:01
Just some information.

*** Dont miss Maze of Time LIVE in Heby, Friday 8th of May.

*** We are heading for Art Performance Productions 5 year anniversary, more info about this will follow.

*** Thomaz is in Sweden for recordings of his new CD. We have no date set for the release yet. More info of this will follow later.

*** We had a PRAO student from Sweden, named Fredrik, here at Art Performance Production for two weeks, (PRAO is practical work experience for 14-15 year olds in Sweden).
He did a very good job and met two of our artists, Thomaz and Alex Jonsson, keyboard player from Maze of Time. Picture is from our meeting with Alex at a bar in Amsterdam.

This picture was taken before we met up with Thomaz.
We see Fredrik and Merrick, the Co-owner of Art Performance Production.

That is all for now!